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I have an overwhelming desire to re-watch Lord of the Rings and/or play D&D. Clearly, my inner geek needs appeasing.
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Just got back from a shopping excursion. Replaced my pants, but was unable to find cute rain boots. Got myself a new pot because I couldn't find just the replacement lid-will try not to let this one explode. (Or catch on fire, or melt, or become possessed be elder gods.)
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I get to analyze a cross-cultural study of anxiety for my stats class! Yay!

omg such a geek. but i think i've found my niche.
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I had a very disturbing dream last night about YooHoo drink being made from large lizard innards. In the dream you could get a bottle out of the vending machine, or pick out your own live lizard. I'm still traumatized. I have no idea where any of that came from, but it made getting a soda at work vaguely disturbing.
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Yesterday I bought myself an orthodontic spoon. I'm glad I'm investing so much in my dental care.
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OMG I do not want to talk politics with my coworkers no no no.

Just sayin'.

Is it lunchtime yet?

Edit: Holy smokes, Vegan twinkies. I know what I'm making this weekend!
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My laptop has died. The screen froze a couple of times, and then it rebooted its last reboot. The motherboard is fried, and there is apparently no repairing it. My data, at least, is recoverable.
Also, my computer repair guys have not learned not to speak ill of the dead. All I've heard is how my computer is really old, and wasn't a name brand. On the other hand, I am disappointed at its life span-at 3 years old I know my beloved Averatec was no spring chicken, but surely it shouldn't just go kaput?
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We went to the local Halloween carnival tonight. Didn't stay long, just long enough to buy chances on a quilt and a thousand dollars, and admire some of the kid's costumes. The little girl wearing an angel costume with wings, halo, horns and a tail was priceless-especially the expression on her face.

I meant to make a cake for the carnival-Mom always brings one for the cake walk-and I had a lovely chocolate number with raspberry filling all ready to go until I tried to pull the strips of parchment paper out from under it. I tugged too hard on the first one and half the cake plopped in the floor. Mom made the second one and we did manage to get it out safely-I even iced a spider web design on top, so it was really cute but not what I'd intended to make at all.

I wore my fish scale earrings-made from alligator gar scales, bleached and dyed-and sadly no one asked about them. I had decided that for Halloween they were clearly dragon scales-and then I started trying to figure out how one would acquire said scales without commiting dracocide. This has been most problematic, and even after consulting the local herptile expert (aka Mom) I'm still not sure. Of course, dragons might not be herptiles at all, as I believe they are homothermic-I don't think a poikilothermic creature could stand to sleep on piles of cold metal. (Why yes, I did get a biology lecture out of Mom, why do you ask? And Dad's questioned what we were doing so much looking up about, and didn't question why I needed the technical term for warm-blooded. I love my parents.)

I talked to my ex-sister-in-law earlier tonight, and to my niece a little bit. My niece is going to be a black cat for Halloween, and when I told her I was going to be a witch, she asked if I was going to be a good one or a bad one, and then if I was going to "zoom around". I told her if I could find a broom, I would. And then we discussed how and when I could help her with her Spanish math homework. As in, math homework in Spanish. The child is in first grade, and she's got homework - in a foreign language. The good news is she's really good at math already. And her mom thinks she might have ADD and I really hope she doesn't get stuck on some sort of medication. She might very well have it-my mom is convinced I did (or do, I guess), and apparently she takes after me quite a bit-but I learned how to get by, and I think that's best if she can do it too.
(Admittedly, I have been thinking about getting properly diagnosed-mostly so I can have an anecdote to trump all my students' anecdotes about how kids with ADD just need a good whuppin' and they'll get over it. But I digress.)
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I went to a meeting at work today, wherein lunch was served. Unfortunately, lunch was full of eggly deadliness, so by the time the meeting was over I was half-starved. Like any sensible person, I went to McDonald's directly afterwards, ordered a cheeseburger, and sat down to enjoy my repast.
The first bite was, quite possibly, the worst cheeseburger I've ever had in my life. I couldn't figure out what was wrong- it was awfully dry-maybe the bun was a little stale? But I figured it was late in the day, and I was starving, so I tried another bite.
Still terrible. I took the burger apart to see if I could figure out what was wrong with it. For want of a better word, I flipped through the burger: bottom bun, cheese, pickles and onions, ketchup and mustard, top bun.
"Wait a minute", I said to myself. "Do that again!" So I did: bun, cheese, veggies and condiments, bun.

Yep-my cheeseburger was missing the burger. And I was two good bites into it before I caught on.

Lessons learned: (1) I can be downright oblivious when I'm ravenous. (2) A cheese really isn't all that bad, and in a pinch would be almost as good as a cheeseburger.
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I made Vegan Time-Warp lemon squares this afternoon. I don't know why they're Time-warp, but they are super-tasty. A little strange-I noticed a weird kind of after-taste, which I think is from the flour-but Mom says all lemon squares taste like that. Other than that, though, the filling is really tasty. I ate almost half a pan by myself.

More books

Aug. 7th, 2008 12:10 am
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I've never been much of a list maker; I think there's a kind of stress involved in seeing it on paper. But I like making lists of things with no particular time limit attached to them, and relatively little importance. (I also like spreadsheets, there's probably some relation there.) So, I'm keeping a reading list again this year, and then I made up a to-be-read list. Although there's a certain almost guilt attached with the second half of the list-nothing like buying books you've never read-although some of them I've attempted, and some of them were gifts. I'm really bad if I start a book somewhere, like on a plane, and then don't finish it-somehow I associate the book with that context and can't get back into it.

Books I acquired recently that I still need to read )
Then there's things that are actually on my shelf of to-be-read, which means they should technically be at the front of the queue.
Read more... )
And that's just what's on that shelf, or what I know I've got. Then there's some other books scattered about, many of which are books my brother actually gave my father, but since they found their way into my room I feel obligated to read them. I ought to gather them all up and put them on one book case, just to see what I've got. A lot of them are old-school science fiction, and I have to be in the right mood to read them. The right mood may very well be stuck on a desert island with nothing else to read, but there you go.

Having said all that, anybody want to recommend a book to me? Non-fiction, fiction, any genre. It can go in the queue. Unless the bookmobile has it, in which case it will jump the queue.


Aug. 1st, 2008 01:33 am
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Last year, on my birthday, I decided to make a list of all the books I read that year, with the plan of posting it on my next birthday. I got a late start on the starting it and the posting it, but here it is. My reviews were as much for my benefit as anyone else's, and it's obvious when I really hated/liked something versus the things I was rather meh about. It's also obvious that I've been at the mercy of a very small public library-I ordinarily don't read thrillers or romance novels much, but when the sci-fi selection consists mostly of things I donated, I made do.

I didn't have a goal when I started- I think I thought a book a week would be admirable, but at the time I was tearing through 2 or 3 a week. I ended up with 81 on the list, including books I re-read, books I couldn't make myself finish, and a few I skimmed more than read. By the end of the list, I was frustrated that I wasn't going to reach 100. Of course, if you added in all the fan fiction I read, I'd probably make it.

Creative cut tag for the book list goes here )
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Dear AIM,
Given that you are one of my primary mediums of communication, it is totally not okay to crash. It's especially not okay to not-quite-crash, leaving me to believe that various people are just writing really really really long responses to me. And 3 times in one night is just overkill.

So, I had this weird dream last night. Weird it it's almost normality, really. I mean, I was watching birds outside my window, and then someone told me about a job they thought I should apply for. Except that, you know, there was a lion outside my window as well, and it was Jack from Torchwood suggesting a job in the interstellar fleet. Apparently Kentucky is like a whole 'nother planet.
It's stuck with me all day. Partially because my reaction to the lion was to think that Mom would be annoyed that it was messing up the brush pile, and possibly for my excitement over seeing a grosbeak and a hummingbird, even in my dream. (Albeit a hummingbird that was potentially going to be reclassified into the same class as dragons. I love that even in my dreams Mom is up on the latest bio news.)

And I got my vegan baking books, so yay. And the strawberry cupcakes were good if not really strawberryful. And I'm reading Ursula Vernon's new children's book, and I'm definitely enjoying it more than I think my niece will, but that's okay. She's a tad young for it anyway.
And I have an appointment with an allergist next week. I should have gone a long time ago, but now that I think I'm developing new allergies I'm concerned enough to want to go. Especially since I'm worried about soy, and you know what soy's in? Everything. But worst of all, chocolate.
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Had another day of proctoring. It's been startling since I remember middle schoolers as being much less obedient, and also much less well-dressed. I was totally jealous of this one girls sneakers-and then I remembered that I'm 26 and maybe shouldn't wear kicks with skulls on them. The class I proctored for today was rowdier than the last group, but it was that kind of smart kids goofing off kind of rowdy, instead of the kids who hate school being cranky rowdy that I think I had yesterday.

Went by target afterwards. Talked myself out of some cute flats with a candy print on them, but I'm rethinking. They were pretty cute. Found these online, though, and I think I like them better. I don't know what my sudden obsession with flats is, other than they're trendy this year and I'm optimistic about finding something that isn't sneakers. Did buy myself some books, totally on a whim.

Got a call about a job today. Unfortunately, they needed somebody right that minute, and I was proctoring. :( It was only for a week, though, so while I'm disappointed (a week's salary is still more than 0) I'm not crushed. And I'm more optimistic about finding something-when I called back the guy called my attention to a couple of other leads online-not quite what I was expecting, but it's good. He and I are kindred spirits in over-education, although he has experience to back his up.

Came home and feng shuied my room. Apparently you should put money in the back left corner of a room if you want money to come to you, so I moved all my piggy banks and crossed my fingers. What I read suggested putting a silver dollar in the corner-I might see if I still have one of those, and cash in my change instead.
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Mom and I engaged in some intense shopping behavior today. For serious; she should know better than to plan to be back "by noon". I bought a skirt, and now have to find a shirt to go with it-I hold out slim hope for a cute twinset. I should know better.

Finished reading Patricia Cornwell's book about Jack the Ripper-I now know that "coconut vendor" was a valid vocation in Victorian England. I suppose I knew that already, since somebody had to have a bunch of coconuts standing in a row for hyenas to sing about later. Also- have determined that Victorian era crime photography is way creepier than modern-day-especially the Victorian era crime illustrations. "Here's a cartoon of what we think the victim looked like in the morgue." Ick. And yes, I should have known better than to look at the pictures.

And, most importantly, and the reason for this post:
Behold, progress! )
Y'all, we gettin' indo' plummin' at last! Ok, what we're getting is city water instead of having to use our well, but same thing. And yes, my Dad did run the water department for nearly the last 10 years.* We still had to cart water home from town in old milk jugs. You know that story about the shoemaker's kids? They had no shoes. Same thing. As it is, Dad had to dig that ditch from the mainline to our house. Note the shovel. ;)

Also, snowman )
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I have got to start tagging my posts. I really wish there were a better way to go back and post-tag things, too, because going through them one at a time is going to take forever. I mean, I've only made 945 entries. So, at a minute per entry, that's only 15 hours and 45 minutes to go through all of them.
I'm trying to find all the fiction I've written, so I can keep track of it somewhere. I'm thinking about moving my fan-fic over to my roleplaying journal, since I don't use that much. It would go a lot easier if I ever tagged anything other than quizzes.

Local news

Apr. 28th, 2007 12:24 am
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On the one hand, I feel bad for being amused by this, since the poor man is obviously mental ill. On the other hand, he took out a half-page ad in our local paper for his manifesto, and then gave away marijuana because God told him too. Apparently, even God smokes pot, because he's so angry at the world-and then He sends us plagues like turkey mites and zebra mussels, at least according to Turner. (His ad also included his prayers that his baby picture be put on the 20 dollar bill, with Native American leaders getting to choose what went on the other denominations.)
God wants us to mellow out, y'all

(The same issue of the paper that had Turner's manifesto also carried an advertisement for a local Baptist church that was running some sort of religous rpg. I was afraid to ask what system they were using-for fear it was live-action.)
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Zomg, packing! I am bending the laws of physics and stuff.
It occured to me last night that, if I were to join a convent, all my problems would be solved. New problems would be created, of course.
This is the problem with going to bed at a decent hour-I was exhausted, but wide awake. So my brain decided to obsess about my impending doom, and my joblessness, and my love life or lack thereof. Thppty.

Icons for turtledawn )


Dec. 3rd, 2006 04:45 pm
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Kitten in a bathtub!

Now, back to work. 4 papers and a presentation. One paper and the pres. aren't due till Monday but the parentals are coming up this weekend so I want to get them done. Graduation ceremony is Friday, but I won't know for sure if I graduated until that day. Maybe party later?

Also, if anybody knows of any job openings I could do, let me know. I've put my resume up on monster.


Feb. 8th, 2006 06:53 pm
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I'm so tired! ::whine:: I got up early on Monday to go work on a paper, and then stayed up all night working on the darn thing, so last night I couldn't sleep. Then I had to get up today to work on another couple of papers-and I'm so tired that it's going so slowly. I'm to that brain-dead dumb stage of tiredness. I'd take a nap, but there's no way I'd get up again before morning. :(

I'll be so glad when this week is over. I'm thinking about going home this weekend if it doesn't snow. I've got reading to do, but it would be nice to have my mommy making dinner for me and stuff.


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