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I just found a recipe for Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Would this be the best thing ever, or would it be more dreadful than the deep-fried Oreos?

I plan to find out.
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Just got back from a shopping excursion. Replaced my pants, but was unable to find cute rain boots. Got myself a new pot because I couldn't find just the replacement lid-will try not to let this one explode. (Or catch on fire, or melt, or become possessed be elder gods.)
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Yesterday I bought myself an orthodontic spoon. I'm glad I'm investing so much in my dental care.
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Dear AIM,
Given that you are one of my primary mediums of communication, it is totally not okay to crash. It's especially not okay to not-quite-crash, leaving me to believe that various people are just writing really really really long responses to me. And 3 times in one night is just overkill.

So, I had this weird dream last night. Weird it it's almost normality, really. I mean, I was watching birds outside my window, and then someone told me about a job they thought I should apply for. Except that, you know, there was a lion outside my window as well, and it was Jack from Torchwood suggesting a job in the interstellar fleet. Apparently Kentucky is like a whole 'nother planet.
It's stuck with me all day. Partially because my reaction to the lion was to think that Mom would be annoyed that it was messing up the brush pile, and possibly for my excitement over seeing a grosbeak and a hummingbird, even in my dream. (Albeit a hummingbird that was potentially going to be reclassified into the same class as dragons. I love that even in my dreams Mom is up on the latest bio news.)

And I got my vegan baking books, so yay. And the strawberry cupcakes were good if not really strawberryful. And I'm reading Ursula Vernon's new children's book, and I'm definitely enjoying it more than I think my niece will, but that's okay. She's a tad young for it anyway.
And I have an appointment with an allergist next week. I should have gone a long time ago, but now that I think I'm developing new allergies I'm concerned enough to want to go. Especially since I'm worried about soy, and you know what soy's in? Everything. But worst of all, chocolate.
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Livejournal just provided me with 3 different adds to buy my own yurt. I'm thinking about it. MongolYurt looks the most promising. They can carve dragons in a yurt, and encrust it with gems, apparently.

Then again, the ad for pocky was also tempting, and I have a stash of that already.

Still working on my aardvarks. I have a combination of too much inspiration, and not enough ability. And really, how do you anthropomorphize an aardvark into bishie-ness?

I just sat on an inflatable turkey decoy. It was a strange experience, and one I don't hope to duplicate.
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I slept in until noon today. This resulted, yet again, in strange dreams, including dreaming that I wandered in to the living room to discover Ann as an 8 year old girl. I was so confused by this that in the dream I realized I was napping, and could indeed feel the couch under my cheek. This would have been fine, except then I had to realize again that I was dreaming and figure out taht I was in bed.

Walked to class in really nice whether, considering. Found an abandoned dollar bill, which I took to be a good omen.

Classes were long, and ranged from far too much information crammed in, and a google exercise for a member of the Mossad (this would be far more exciting if we hadn't know exactly where to find the info), to a "get on with it already!" statistics class.

Wandered over to the student center briefly, and helped PSP steal liberate a table from the Miskies.

Got catcalled on the way home, from the world's most redneck punk and his friend. I've never received an appreciative "Day-um!" at such close quarters before (this was from the hairspiked and punk-rock redneck) and having a part dachsund mutt sicced on me to the tune of "Git'er, Leroy" was certainly an adventure. Leroy, at least, was kind of cute.

Holy Smoke!

Apr. 1st, 2005 11:09 pm
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We had this running joke back home that God smelled like Brut cologne. Apparently we were wrong-He's candle scented.
Experience The 'Scent Of Christ' )

It's really bizarre what you can find when you google search. That link was hit from the search terms "dying with dignity" and "terminology". I was trying to find the article I read that suggested that people tended to talk about needing to protect women who were dying (i.e. keep them on life support) whereas men are talked about in terms of dignity (i.e. have their living wills respected.)

I had a really crappy day at work today. Mostly as a result of my own stupidity-last night I forgot to put a check in the bank deposit bag. When I realized my mistake, I cut that bag open and put everything in the new one-everything except a $50 bill. This wasn't discovered until this afternoon, long after the trash and the original bag were gone. It's very likely that I'll be written up for this-even though my manager knows what happened, it's standard procedure when the deposit is short like that. I don't think offering to pay the difference would prevent the write-up, so I'm not even going to try. Then the ceiling started leaking, directly above our cash register/computer. That was tons of fun.
We also have to do inventory again, due to the huge amount of shrinkage from the last one. I'm getting really annoyed at the whole bloody system-no one's ever apologized for leaving us manager-less for three months, and now we're getting slammed with all the consequences of things that happened then.
Definitely looking for something new for this summer. Wouldn't have to be anything stellar, just pay a touch better than what I'm doing now and not be retail. Bonus points if I get a spiffy uniform shirt with a little logo.


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