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tom_zombie requests
I am a fool for dumb memes
Here, five seven five.

This semester sucks
I forsee no social life
That's not a real change.

I got drunk dialed
It's kind of overrated
Wrong number, anyway.

Smallville with Tracey
A Lex Luthor love luau
Or so she promised.

Burek was tasty,
Not worth the trouble.

This, a bad idea,
Haiku are very tempting,
Should stick to sonnets.


Oct. 26th, 2005 08:38 pm
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So, my printer is possessed by elder gods. This really doesn't surprise me much. That the elder gods suddenly decided to remind me of their presence was a bit of a surprise, though. First the printer sucked an entire ream of paper up, in an effort to do its fiendish will. Then it made horrible noises-the mere mortal printer not being prepared for the fiendish appetite of the elder god. Once I was able to get the stack of paper out from the maw of the beast, it continued with the horrible noise, and then forced me to hand feed it individually selected sheets of the finest pressed wood pulp. It used these sheets to output some perverse Enochian chatspeak, littered with ♥ ∀ ℘. Finally I was able to power down the beast, and sought sustenance, for verily, I was weakened from the battle.

Put popcorn in the microwave. Wandered away. Forgot about the popcorn.

I returned to the beast, and roused it from deceptive slumber. It grumbled at me, and again produced its hideous symbols. Then the moaning of the damned came from the kitchen, punctuated with dreadful explosions.

Not only is my printer on its last legs, the turntable in the microwave makes a really horrible sound when it goes around now.


Jul. 6th, 2005 09:46 pm
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I got bored at work last night. Really bored. So bored I wrote haiku )
And a sonnet )
And even some limericks )

And that's why it's dangerous to leave me to entertain myself. My mom would be so proud-she did the same thing at work, and managed to look so busy they hired an assistant for her.


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