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Dad and I went to see "Golden Compass" this afternoon. I thought it was interesting, although something about the whole plot was very disturbing. Maybe I'm just too old and overthink things. We agreed that the animal effects were awesome. It does suffer a bit from having too much plot for one movie, though. And the setup for a sequel at the end is not subtle at all. I kind of want to read the books now, just to get the setting explained a little better.

I got my tooth fixed yesterday. It was just a little chip,so they filed it down, much like one would fix a chipped nail. Now my tooth feels funny, but it looks better and I guess I'll get used to it. It's all newly sharpened and stuff.

I've spent the afternoon composting a letter to the editor of our local paper. They've got a bad habit of reprinting internet rumours and other glurge-this edition had an article about how Mr. Rogers was a Navy Seal in Vietnam. Impossible, given that he never served in the military,and started his show the year the U.S. got involved in the conflict. It's not the first time something they've printed annoyed me, but this was the sort of thing that could have been easily fact-checked. (As opposed to some glurge they printed about some woman, who wished after her death that she'd been brave enough to leave her abusive husband. Blame the victim, much? I was spitting mad for so long that I decided too much time had passed to respond-that and I wasn't sure I could ever express how many levels of wrong that was in a short letter.)

Critter update: That last critter was a "long-eared jerboa", recently filmed in its natural habitat for the first time ever. It is "evolutionarily distinct"-in other words, no close relatives, and it's in danger of extinction. Poor little thing.

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