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I get to analyze a cross-cultural study of anxiety for my stats class! Yay!

omg such a geek. but i think i've found my niche.
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Mom and I engaged in some intense shopping behavior today. For serious; she should know better than to plan to be back "by noon". I bought a skirt, and now have to find a shirt to go with it-I hold out slim hope for a cute twinset. I should know better.

Finished reading Patricia Cornwell's book about Jack the Ripper-I now know that "coconut vendor" was a valid vocation in Victorian England. I suppose I knew that already, since somebody had to have a bunch of coconuts standing in a row for hyenas to sing about later. Also- have determined that Victorian era crime photography is way creepier than modern-day-especially the Victorian era crime illustrations. "Here's a cartoon of what we think the victim looked like in the morgue." Ick. And yes, I should have known better than to look at the pictures.

And, most importantly, and the reason for this post:
Behold, progress! )
Y'all, we gettin' indo' plummin' at last! Ok, what we're getting is city water instead of having to use our well, but same thing. And yes, my Dad did run the water department for nearly the last 10 years.* We still had to cart water home from town in old milk jugs. You know that story about the shoemaker's kids? They had no shoes. Same thing. As it is, Dad had to dig that ditch from the mainline to our house. Note the shovel. ;)

Also, snowman )
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I got a call-back from the State Department yesterday! I'm on the short list, now. It sounded like they were just seeing who was still interested, so I should know soon whether or not I'm in. Either way, at least I know I'm a fairly desirable candidate, since my resume made it that far.

I've been trying to figure out if I want this more than the CIA postition-either way it's intelligence, and I have a feeling I might be more comfortable in the State Department, since it's a more diverse organization.

In other news, I am preparing to begin the annual baking procedures. :) If anybody has any special requests in the baked-good department, feel free to let me know. I'll probably do fudge and sugar cookies, but I could handle something else as well. I'm debating pfeffernusse, but only because I like the name; I'm open to more practical suggestions.


Oct. 26th, 2005 08:38 pm
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So, my printer is possessed by elder gods. This really doesn't surprise me much. That the elder gods suddenly decided to remind me of their presence was a bit of a surprise, though. First the printer sucked an entire ream of paper up, in an effort to do its fiendish will. Then it made horrible noises-the mere mortal printer not being prepared for the fiendish appetite of the elder god. Once I was able to get the stack of paper out from the maw of the beast, it continued with the horrible noise, and then forced me to hand feed it individually selected sheets of the finest pressed wood pulp. It used these sheets to output some perverse Enochian chatspeak, littered with ♥ ∀ ℘. Finally I was able to power down the beast, and sought sustenance, for verily, I was weakened from the battle.

Put popcorn in the microwave. Wandered away. Forgot about the popcorn.

I returned to the beast, and roused it from deceptive slumber. It grumbled at me, and again produced its hideous symbols. Then the moaning of the damned came from the kitchen, punctuated with dreadful explosions.

Not only is my printer on its last legs, the turntable in the microwave makes a really horrible sound when it goes around now.


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