Holy Smoke!

Apr. 1st, 2005 11:09 pm
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We had this running joke back home that God smelled like Brut cologne. Apparently we were wrong-He's candle scented.
Experience The 'Scent Of Christ' )

It's really bizarre what you can find when you google search. That link was hit from the search terms "dying with dignity" and "terminology". I was trying to find the article I read that suggested that people tended to talk about needing to protect women who were dying (i.e. keep them on life support) whereas men are talked about in terms of dignity (i.e. have their living wills respected.)

I had a really crappy day at work today. Mostly as a result of my own stupidity-last night I forgot to put a check in the bank deposit bag. When I realized my mistake, I cut that bag open and put everything in the new one-everything except a $50 bill. This wasn't discovered until this afternoon, long after the trash and the original bag were gone. It's very likely that I'll be written up for this-even though my manager knows what happened, it's standard procedure when the deposit is short like that. I don't think offering to pay the difference would prevent the write-up, so I'm not even going to try. Then the ceiling started leaking, directly above our cash register/computer. That was tons of fun.
We also have to do inventory again, due to the huge amount of shrinkage from the last one. I'm getting really annoyed at the whole bloody system-no one's ever apologized for leaving us manager-less for three months, and now we're getting slammed with all the consequences of things that happened then.
Definitely looking for something new for this summer. Wouldn't have to be anything stellar, just pay a touch better than what I'm doing now and not be retail. Bonus points if I get a spiffy uniform shirt with a little logo.


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