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Livejournal just provided me with 3 different adds to buy my own yurt. I'm thinking about it. MongolYurt looks the most promising. They can carve dragons in a yurt, and encrust it with gems, apparently.

Then again, the ad for pocky was also tempting, and I have a stash of that already.

Still working on my aardvarks. I have a combination of too much inspiration, and not enough ability. And really, how do you anthropomorphize an aardvark into bishie-ness?

I just sat on an inflatable turkey decoy. It was a strange experience, and one I don't hope to duplicate.
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I awoke today to discover that Adelaide has learned a new trick. Adelaide, for those of you who don't know, is my pet aardvark. She's learned how to "guard", which is wonderful, but unfortunately she'd decided to "guard" by keeping one of my roomates trapped in her room. This had gone on all night, apparently. I imagine Micah will be thrilled when Adelaide and I head off to Greece next month. We're going aardvark-trailing, which Adelaide assures me is the Next Big Thing. I had no idea there were Greek aardvarks, but apparently she's got connections. No word on whether Lloyd and Jehosaphat will be joining us-Lloyd has an interview with a koi pond, and J certainly seemed iffy on the travel plans. He didn't seem to mind the plane trip, but the prospects of camel riding got to him, and while we could probably avoid camel-riding in the early parts of the trip, there's no getting around it in a proper stint of aardvark-trailing.

More information about aardvark-trailing can be found here.


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